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Thank you for taking interest in our products. We are glad to see you here. Business today is not just about selling; it is more about making relations. We are always in search of business partners like YOU. Being a partner of Crafera just doesn’t mean selling the products, it is supporting a strong community of artisans to help them grow and be what they deserve. It also means being a part of Crafera family and getting the benefits designed especially for partners.

If you already have an existing business of handmade products or if you are searching for new business opportunities, Crafera is the right place for you. Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours to find out how best we can meet your needs.

Customized product development

Being a partner of Crafera you can get the benefit of designing customized products as per your requirement.

Special offers

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Up to date information of new products

You will be the first person to get the information about new products, even before it is uploaded on the website.

Marketing materials and Support

Being a Crafera partner you also receive the marketing materials and support to promote the products and start selling.

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