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About Us

Where craft meets fashion

Crafera is for all those who love to create little pieces of magic and for those who love to collect them. We help artisans understand the market and bridge the gap between them and the world. There is a charm in everything we make. Every product has a unique story with the artist giving a tangible shape to his or her unseen emotions.

How it all started?

India has a history of rich and diverse cultural tradition. Among its diversity, the legacy Of India’s craft culture always occupies a special place owing to its form, dignity, form, style and aesthetics. It is said that “To write about Indian Handicrafts is almost like writing about the country itself". It is a fact that Indian handicrafts have very ancient origin and of high quality. But, with the advent of Globalization the value of art and craft began to perish all over the world. There are a lot of artisans who can create exquisite products but are not able to cop up with the globalization and resultantly shutting down. Being great lovers for art and craft we realized that something needs to be done to tackle this situation. So, we came up with Crafera to help Artisans tackle globalization and get true value of their craft and creativity. Crafera is also an initiative under ‘Make in India’ to serve Indian Handicrafts to the world and bring the prosperity of arts and crafts back for which India was once known for.

Specialty of our products

  • Craft which is stylish as well
  • Our artisans are expert in their field.
  • All our products are handmade with love and emotions which makes each one of them unique and special

Why Crafera

  • Traditional ethic methods are used in designing the product
  • Use of ethnic and organic raw materials
  • Authentic and high quality products
  • Help Preserve the Indian Crafts and culture
  • Easy payment and shipment methods

Our Mission

  • Make Indian handicrafts available to the world
  • Preserve traditional Indian culture
  • Strengthen rural artisans